Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spring and Summer Fun...Thus Far

we have had a great summer so far. we have been busy doing fun stuff, and loving it! this is a GIANT post! this is what we have been up to, photo style...


the drive up.

beginning of a long 4-wheeler ride. looking pretty clean here.
is that michael jackson?! no just my husband that hates dust, gotta love him.

getting a little dusty

lookin good

super dirty

a bunch of dirty gals

clean at last :)

a little bella and edward reinactment. how could we resist with a meadow like that?


our destination!

everyone says halle is my little mini me.

so my dad cut this huge stump in half and decided to put it over the fire to see what would happen (he knew ants were living in there). low and behold this is what happened...tons and i mean tons of ants came out and they just kept coming. i must say it was entertaining. (sorry kenz, they aren't nice though, they do bite)

campfire time, smarshmallows anyone?

mmm smoresnothing like a nice camping nap to end the trip. thanks for a great time dad and gaylynn, we always love this trip!

4th of july

every year, for as long as i can remember my grandpa takes the whole family down to the stadium of fire at the Y. we always have a wonderful time, no matter who the guest singer may be. it was carrie underwood this year, and she was amazing! prettiest national anthem i have ever heard, and all the rest of the songs she sang were great too.

they did a tribute to eagle scouts..yay for being an eagle scout!

a little fun with the glow sticks, we are like 12 year olds.

me and my sister made these cool flag cakes. they were fun, but not too easy, maybe we are just no good at the fancy stuff. with how much trouble we had in the process though, i thought they turned out pretty good, and they were delicious!

we are so grateful to live in this country, for our freedom, and for those that protect it. i love this holiday more and more every year.

girls weekend!

one of our good friends, we do a lot with is, garretts best childhood friend, jeff, and his wife gretchen. i have gotten to be good friends with gretchen and i love it. she invited me to go on a little girls weekend to park city/heber a little bit ago. we went shopping for like 7+ hours one of the days, it was fabulous! never had such great shopping partners. we ate, sat at the pool, ate some more, and just had a good time. hopefully there will be a round 2 at some point. thanks for the invite gretchen!

dinner at the yummy baja cantina.

yummy crepes

main street. i know i look 7 ft. tall.

we went on the scenic ski lift ride to the top of the mountain. it was fun and pretty scenery.

Las Vegas. St George. Memorial Day

over memorial day (forever ago, i know), we went down to st. george and stayed in the marshs parents condos with some great friends. it was us, the marshs, browns, stuarts, and the wings. we had so much fun, like we always do with this crowd. us and the browns went to vegas for one of the days, and ate at maggianos, yummy!!! and just did the vegas thing. the rest of the time some golfed, we swam, played tennis, ate, played volleyball (which has become tradition), and just hung out. thanks again kenz and andrew for making it all happen.


the ladies

random summer fun

real games

Inception with the wings




we helped linds and jim out at the car show cuz jim was out of town. we worked the coke truck. it was fun, but i wish it would have been warmer, so it would have been a better turn out. this was in june, and it was freeezing!

we are so lucky for such great family and friends that we are close with. we have so much fun, and do so many fun things. it took me 2 days to finish this post, so it is now our anniversary. 4 years ago today we were married! i can't believe how fast time has gone by, we have grown a lot over the last 4 years, and have become so much closer. we are celebrating this weekend, so i will post more on that later. happy anniversary babe, i love you!